body contouring-Belt Lipectomy

A belt lipectomy is surgery to remove extra skin and tissue from your abdomen (stomach), back, and buttocks. This surgery is also called a circumferential lipectomy. You may have loose skin and fat if you have lost a lot of weight. You may want a belt lipectomy to help make parts of your body look flatter or smoother. During a belt lipectomy, your caregiver will make incisions (cuts) around your abdomen and lower back. You may have liposuction to suction out extra fat. Extra fat on your thighs or pubic area may also be removed. Your pubic area is between your abdomen and the top of your legs.
It may take a year or more for you to notice all of the results of your belt lipectomy. Having this surgery may help improve the shape of your abdomen, waist, thighs and buttocks. Your abdomen may become slimmer and you may no longer have rolls of fat on your back. You may have a lower risk of getting a skin infection. You may be able to fit into your clothes better. You may also feel better about the way you look.